The Bunnerfly (sylvidoptera) wrote in i_adore_frosty,
The Bunnerfly

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And oh yeah...

I hereby proclaim today to be "Public Spanking of frostbyte Day" because he's always gotta have the last word... and usually gets in a zinger!

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sheeesh... how do I keep finding the ones who want to spank me???? I'm a NICE guy, really!
Because we know you like it, sweetypie. ;)
This mean I'm supposed to turn the other cheek?

I think you'd better kiss it and make it all better now.... ;->
Hmmmmm... if I'm to do it right, it'll take some time. Strip, lie down, get comfy. ;)
hmmm... a take-charge type, huh? OK, but you are NOT using that cat-o-nine-tails! ;->
Awwwww... not even the pretty and fluffy-soft rabbit fur one? :)

Deleted comment

LOL! Freud hated women - I worship them! And yeah, he'd have had a field day with my oral fixation on women, but what the hell - nobody ever really thought HE was completely sane, either! ;-)

The spankers I can't quite figure out - guess all those women think I'm a bad boy and should be punished. I think it's just a good way to get on their laps! ;->

As for the lesbians, well... shoot, I'm just a recruiter, y'know... ;->

Deleted comment

LOL!! I knew it!! Just like Corto!! He complained he was running a gay bar - I'm running an escort service! ;-)

Y'know what? Friends are friends, no matter WHAT their sexual orientation is. If you've found some new friends from my list, that's really great! :-)
*spanking his zinger*
OWWWWW!!! Jeez, Ang - that really HURTS!!! :-O
*spanking Frosty with a bright red feather*